The Wolfen – Whitley Strieber: Suntup Press Numbered Edition


  • Published Q3 2021
  • Numbered edition, limited to 350 copies
  • Quarter Japanese cloth binding with Hahnemühle Bugra boards.
  • The cover and spine are foil stamped and the edition is printed offset on Mohawk Superfine.
  • It is housed in a slipcase covered in a unique coated paper that imitates real stone.
  • The edition is signed by Whitley Strieber and François Vaillancourt.
  • Out of print

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Fast-paced, compelling, and gruesomely violent, The Wolfen is the first novel by bestselling horror novelist, Whitley Strieber.

Following the savage killing of two New York City policemen, George Wilson and Becky Neff are two detectives bound together by their strange and passionate hunt for the Wolfen. Strieber’s novel breathed new life into the werewolf genre, building upon the traditional myth and lore of the lycanthrope to create a genetically superior crossbreed of human and wolf that has existed in the shadows for centuries.

Upon its release in 1978, the Washington Post called The Wolfen “a howling success.” Likewise, St. James Guide to Horror, Ghost and Gothic Writers deemed it, “an amazingly effective debut novel that turns the werewolf story completely on its head. Breathtakingly suspenseful throughout.”

In 1981, The Wolfen was adapted into a horror movie starring Albert Finney, directed by Michael Wadleigh.

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