SIGNED LIMITED EDITION: Songlight – Moira Buffini (PB)

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Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Songlight is an extraordinary debut from a renowned screenwriter. A cinematic masterpiece in storytelling, the explosive first book in the Torch trilogy is the hottest release of the decade!

They are hunting those who shine . . .

Don’t be deceived by Northaven’s prettiness, by its white-wash houses and its sea views. In truth, many of its townsfolk are ruthless hunters. They revile those who have developed songlight, the ability to connect telepathically with others. Anyone found with this sixth sense is caught, persecuted and denounced.

Welcome to the future.

Lark has lived in grave danger ever since her own songlight emerged. Then she encounters a young woman in peril, from a city far away. An extraordinary bond is forged. But who can they trust?

The world is at war. Those with songlight are pawns in a dangerous game of politics. Friends, neighbours, family are quick to turn on each other . . .

When power is everything, how will they survive?

An extraordinary debut – the first in a trilogy – from an award-winning, internationally acclaimed screenwriter, Songlight promises to set the world alight!

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