SIGNED FIRST EDITION: The Ending Fire – Saara El-Arifi

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Rebellions are like fires. Something needs to burn to make a flame.
The Wardens’ Empire is falling. A vigilante known only as the ‘Truthsayer’ is raising an army against the wardens. Sylah and Hassa must navigate the politics of this new world, all the while searching for Anoor.
Across the sea the Blood Forged prepare for war, requesting aid from other governments. Jond’s role as Major General sees him training their soldiers for combat, but it’s matters of the heart that prove to be the hardest battlefield.
The Zalaam celebrate the arrival of the Child of Fire, heralding the start of the final battle. Anoor’s doubts are eclipsed by the powers of her new god. Soon the Zalaam set off on their last voyage – one few expect to return from.

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