SIGNED FIRST EDITION: Seriously British: A Frenchman’s love letter to Britain – Fred Sirieix

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‘This book is my love letter to the UK, and a celebration of all of the things that I have come to adore, from its food and wine to its history and villages. Vive les Anglais!’

This is what (a lot of) the French think about the UK:

The food is bland and boring, the wine is undrinkable, it’s always raining and grey, the British don’t have sex, they’re meek, mild and reserved, they’ve got no sense of style, they’re arrogant. And anyway, who would want to swap a juicy steak au poivre for deep fried cod and chips?

Fred Sirieix would. Ever since he boarded a P&O ferry bound for Dover with a one-way ticket and just two suitcases, he has been in love with the UK. Working as a waiter at the famous three-Michelin-starred restaurant La Tante Claire in Chelsea aged just 20, he learned English, met people from all walks of life, and went dancing until dawn. It was glorious madness. His appetite for life propelled him to sample everything this country could offer: culture, travel, drink and food… always food.

From the pastel-coloured beach huts on the Southwold Promenade to the coast of Oban; from stumbling across Stonehenge to strolling past St Paul’s Cathedral; from the explosive first taste of salt and vinegar crisps to being introduced to Indian curries; and from deciphering regional expressions to loving a woman say ‘je t’aime’ like Jane Birkin – this is Fred’s mission to debunking French myths about the Brits.

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