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‘I have always had to project the image of myself that the public knows. If you turn the lighting up and dye your hair pink, people don’t seem to notice the tacky edges. I want to record an accurate, fuller picture of myself and the remarkable life I have lived so far. I don’t want to let it all pass by without reflection.’

Dame Zandra Rhodes has spent her life rallying against what was expected of her, both as a designer and a woman. Often too bold for the mainstream, she fought for creativity, individuality and relevance.

In this insightful and vibrant memoir, Zandra shares her story for the first time. Told through a variety of mementos and curiosities collected over the course of her eight decades, it is a vibrant and colourful account filled with rockstars and royalty. But alongside those life-changing friendships with legends like Karl Lagerfeld and Divine, she offers poignant reflections on her personal triumphs and tragedies, as well as the fears, sacrifices and pressures that come with being an era-defining designer.

Capturing the rich and unexpected life of a British icon, this memoir explores what it is to defy the norm.

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