SIGNED FIRST EDITION: Dogs and Their Humans – Noel Fitzpatrick

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‘Every day in my consulting room with a dog at my feet I have seen the very best that humanity has to offer and often in the very worst of circumstances.’

‘No matter where a family comes from, whether prince or pauper, when they come through the door, every single person has three things in common.’

‘One, they love their dogs beyond anything that can be described in words. Two, they will do whatever it takes to help their friend.
And three, they have all come to me for one thing and one thing only: hope. Dogs don’t care where we come from, and neither do I. My room is the great leveller.’

From the sublime to the ridiculous, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick has seen it all in his veterinary practice. Dogs (and their humans): stories of healing and hope from the Supervet’s surgery is a funny, uplifting and at times heartbreaking celebration of our connection with our loyal canine friends.

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