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A UK first edition, first impression.

Signed by Madeline Miller directly to the title page.

In superb condition – it would be as new, except there is a small smudge to the bottom of the front page block.

When I was born, the name for what I was did not exist.

In the house of Helios, god of the sun and mightiest of the Titans, a daughter is born. Yet, in the golden halls of gods and nymphs, Circe stands apart, as something separate, something new. With neither the look nor the voice of divinity, and scorned and rejected by her kin Circe is increasingly isolated. Turning to mortals for companionship, she risks defying her father for love, a path that leads her not to the marriage bed but to a discovery of a power forbidden to the gods: witchcraft.

Banished by Zeus to the remote island of Aiaia, Circe refines her craft, fate entwining her with legends: the messenger god, Hermes. The craftsman, Daedalus. A ship bearing a golden fleece. And wily Odysseus, on his epic voyage home. As her power increases and her knowledge grows, so Circe must make the ultimate choice: to decide whether she belongs with the deities she is born from, or the mortals she has come to love.

A source of fascination for ancient writers from Homer to Ovid, Circe is a character whose story is steeped in magic and mystery. Caught up in the story of heroes, she is a figure apart, a player in the lives of heroes and gods but one who has never commanded her own story, until now.

From the imaginative power that summoned Orange Prize-winning global bestseller The Song of AchillesMadeline Miller returns with an electrifying take on Greek Myth’s most misunderstood deity. From her tale Miller spins a story of antiquity’s wildest rebel girl, a sun-god’s daughter with a human heart. One of Waterstones’ choices for our Best Books to Look Out for in April, booksellers and customers alike have been swept up by this moving, exuberant novel, translating the male-centred fantasies of myth into something startlingly feminine, real and awake.

“Circe has really set the standard for fiction publishing this year, both in terms of Miller’s exquisite writing and Bloomsbury’s beautiful production values. Miller has breathed new life into the Greek myths, putting a welcome feminist spin on old narratives: it is a thoroughly modern and pertinent retelling by a master storyteller.” – Bea Carvalho, Waterstones Fiction Buyer

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